The Flood Subsides
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‘After the Call’ ITIA exhibition (April 2018)

What happens ‘After the Call’?

My work is on display as part of the ITIA art exhibition at this year’s On the Rocks art festival. The ‘pop-up gallery’ is hosted by ITIA postgraduate students within the atmospheric surrounds of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

Our theme – ‘After the Call’ – responds to the recent TheoArtistry collaborations which focused on ‘Annunciations,’ or God speaking to humanity.

The exhibition runs from 6th – 15th April 2018, with a performance evening on 11th April, 7pm at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, St Andrews.

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“The Flood Subsides” (acrylic on board, 30cm x 30cm)
What happens when ‘the call’ overwhelms us? The call to living an authentic life as an LGBTQ+ person of faith involves risk, pain, and uncertainty. Like Noah, swept away by the flood, we are left struggling for survival — yet when the flood subsides, we find a divine promise expanding through the colours of creation.

“Cast Off” (wire mesh and papier-mâché)
Like a sculptor’s cast, ‘the call’ leaves its imprint on us. Reflecting on my experience as a doctoral researcher, two of my ‘casts’ use notes from my thesis to reveal how I have been indelibly shaped by my work. What new growth awaits in the final cast?

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