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Forging masculinity at ‘Man of the House’ conference

My abstract for a paper on gendered imagery of the barbecue has been accepted for an upcoming conference on masculinity in domestic spaces.

The paper is entitled, “Forging Masculinity on Open Flames: Gendered imagery of the outdoor domestic cooking fire.” In my presentation, I’ll explore ways in which barbecues and fire pits have been used to reinforce conventional ‘masculine’ roles in western culture through their associated fire imagery. How might examining our attitudes towards fire cast new light on our assumptions about gender?

I will present the paper at Man of the House, ‘an interdisciplinary conference on masculinity and domesticity from 1800 to present day.’ Man of the House combines scholarship and artistic responses to explore different facets of masculinity in the home.

The conference takes place on 22nd June 2018 at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. If you’re interested and able to attend, it would be great to see you there!

Keep an eye on the Man of the House website for further updates.

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