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TheoArtistry Student-Led Collaborations in review

It was a pleasure to work alongside postgraduates at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, to facilitate their 2018/19 TheoArtistry scheme. The semester-long project concluded with the end of the academic year.

Eight researchers participated in the TheoArtistry Student-Led Collaborations, which offered a unique opportunity to experiment with creative, interdisciplinary approaches within their theological research.

Participating TheoArtistry researchers were given a bespoke research framework which prioritised art-making as a key tool ‘to develop creative methodologies in theological research.’ The researchers worked in close collaborative groups to explore specific theological questions using an experimental and exploratory approach.

Each partnership found creative ways to ‘experiment and expand’ their theological methods as the scheme unfolded. Explore the findings of our research here.

Researchers were encouraged to focus on the process of their research collaborations, rather than on producing an end result. Without the pressure of a formal assessment or academic presentation, they were able to take risks, chase possible ‘dead ends,’ and embrace numerous critical and artistic approaches. Additionally, students could maintain awareness of what can be learned through attention to the research process itself.

A critical reflection of the project, written by TheoArtistry researcher Ewan Bowlby, was published by Transpositions.

We kept a blog throughout the project, including critical reflections and artwork from our TheoArtistry researchers. Check it out here.

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