TheoArtistry has emerged from the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts at the University of St Andrews. Through collaborative projects between artists and theologians, TheoArtistry explores “the power of the arts to communicate the divine.”

As 2018/19 Project Coordinator, I devised a new critical framework to establish the TheoArtistry Student-Led Collaborations — allowing postgraduate researchers to bring their expertise, creativity, and curiosity to the task of developing creative methodologies in theological research.

Previously, I participated in the TheoArtistry Composers’ Scheme (2016-17) and TheoArtistry Poets’ Scheme (2018) as a ‘theologian partner’ providing research on Exodus 3. Composer Kerensa Briggs and poet Christine de Luca engaged with my work to form their creative responses to God’s self-revelation to Moses at the burning bush.

I also work with TheoArtistry to develop and maintain their web presence.

TheoArtistry Documentary

The following documentary film captures the essence of the TheoArtistry Composers’ Scheme, including interviews with the composers and theologians involved in the partnerships.

Skip ahead to around 8 minutes 30 seconds to discover how my work on the theological aspects of fire helped inform Kerensa’s musical response to Exodus 3.