The Listening Project

R Dyer radioI joined a BBC oral history project, conducted in partnership with the British Library, on location in Dundee this week.

I was delighted to meet the Listening Project team in their custom-built recording booth to share a conversation with my close friend and fellow theologian, Scott A. McDonald.

An excerpt of the conversation will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4, and the full recording will be archived with the British Library alongside thousands of other heartfelt conversations from people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Listening Project records conversations between friends, partners, and family members to capture early 21st century life around the UK.

Some of the previous Listening Project conversations have even been animated, bringing together oral history and art to portray the many facets of present-day British life.

Listening Project Booth
The Listening Project booth at Verdant Works heritage museum, Dundee

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